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Terra Nova Games, based in Austin, TX and Denver, CO, is a boardgame design and publishing company established in February 2013 that was created as an outlet to share our passion for the hobby with others. Our goal is to encourage face-to-face fun through interactive and innovative gameplay. Terra Nova Games strives to bring people together in person, to use games as a means of socializing and strategizing around a table of friends.

Justin grew up playing lots of games with his siblings, then dabbled with Pokémon and Magic: The Gathering in middle school. He was officially introduced to the hobby in 2010 with Battlestar Galactica and has been obsessed ever since. Currently he’s enjoying Marvel Dice Masters and playtesting Terra Nova Games’ next game to publish.

Robert has an impeccable knowledge of Star Trek and British television. He spent his childhood drawing, building models, and not playing games. His first foray into the hobby was also Battlestar Galactica. Lately, he’s been playtesting new prototypes and painting the Mice and Mystics minis.

We hope you enjoy our games!

– Justin & Robert